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  1. Reasons my daughter cries

    1.  I don’t know when Pot Roast’s birthday is.
    2. (inaudible)… something something something COURTNEY(!!!) (inaudible)… and a strongly worded “NO MOMMA!”
    3. Pinocchio is a Spanish word.
    4. The light was red.
    5. The light was green.
    6. Pot Roast doesn’t have thumbs.
    7. I don’t know where Pot Roast sleeps at night.

    reasons my daughter cries

    It’s been a long week – Doug and Courtney need to come back from Mexico already 🙂



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  2. WI Bride Best of… our favorite vendors!


    As we sit back and reflect on the past year, one thing is abundantly clear:  we have worked with some AMAZING vendors.  The (Wisconsin) wedding industry is pretty awesome.  It’s kind of like a large extended family 🙂  At the risk of missing some favorites, we would like to give a shoutout to some of the vendors who we have worked with consistently throughout the year!

    This was a great year for Twig.  We have changed and grew into something we don’t think any of us really anticipated.  To say that we are excited for 2017 would be a HUGE understatement.  Lots of new and awesome things are in store 🙂

    Join us in taking part and voting for Wisconsin Bride | Best of 2017.  If you have had an AWESOME experience with Twig and Olive, we would love your vote too!

    Cheers for a wonderful 2017!

    Bobbi, Courtney and Douglas

    Daffodil Parker
    Flora Designs by Jamae
    Alluring Blooms
    Sweet Pea Floral

    The Edgewater
    The Lageret
    Madison Club

    Kuhl Entertainment
    Aaron Jai
    Piano Fondue

    Event Essentials
    A la Crate


    Sugar Pear

    Carl’s Cakes
    Craig’s Cake Shop
    Bloom Bake Shop

    Hair and Makeup
    Darling Salon
    Purple Chair Salon
    Kenzie’s Kuts

    Wedding Planner
    Cherry Blossom Events
    The Darling Wedding Company
    Brides on a Budget

    Upstairs Downstairs

    Bridal Apparel and Accessories
    Miss Ruby
    Vera’s House of Bridals


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  3. Balancing Work and Personal Life

    So many people ask us about work/family balance in hopes of finding that “sweet” spot where you can achieve the perfect ratio. I think the best advice I’ve heard is that it really doesn’t exist.  Some days you give 50% of yourself to your business and 50% to your family. Some days it’s 75% business and 25% family and some days it’s even 100% one way or another- 100% business or 100% family. And you know what- that’s OKAY!

    As small business owners we have to mix and match to make not only our family function but our business function as well.
    Today was definitely a 50/50 day for me… and I still felt guilt on both ends. I should have spent more time on this for work and I should have spent more time on this for the kids.  It’s never going to be perfect. The best balance for me is acceptance. Know that everyday is different and where we put our time and energy is one of the best and most precious things about being self employed.  We are very grateful for work and family and an imperfect balance.


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