Doug is our tech and gear geek, excelling in knowledge at all things that have a processor or mother-board. He is responsible for the day to day computer and backup operations, getting a solid 9 hours of sleep each night and most importantly, keeping the studio whiskey stock at an appropriate level. Whenever there is extensive travel involved, Doug is the first to get shipped out.

  1. Blantons Whiskey
  2. Disney
  3. Me
  4. Travel
  5. Family
  6. Mustangs
  7. Math and Science
  8. Video Games


Bobbi is the most task orientated of the quad as well as the resident night owl. Her strengths include marketing, saying no to non-essential business purchases, customer service and creative packaging. Bobbi is also responsible for the coffee surplus at the studio.

  1. Miller High Life
  2. 70s Music
  3. Desert
  4. Me
  5. My husband, Jon
  6. Our baby, Sloan
  7. Word Porn
  8. The Water


Courtney is our Photoshop and Lightroom guru and baby whisperer. She also keeps our sessions fresh by spending the most money on props, quilts and other goodies. Courtney is a travel agent by night and is single handedly responsible for taking care of everyone’s schedule and travel logistics.

  1. Me
  2. Book Lover
  3. Disney Nut
  4. Former Baby Nurse
  5. My Four Kiddos
  6. Faith
  7. Married to Doug
  8. LOTR


Darcy came on as our brand manager later last year and has been a tremendous asset to the team. She keeps our blog and website active on a daily basis and processes every print and product order that comes our way. Darcy is a frequent winner in the Name That Tune game, studio peace maker and excels at selecting the genre played on Spotify.

  1. Tiny Happy
  2. Wrigley Field
  3. Darcy and Eric
  4. Turtles
  5. Kindle Books
  6. Beach
  7. 90's Music
  8. Rylan and The Boys